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You are living your daily life, having a random cup of coffee ☕ , a nice cold shower 🚿, visiting the library 📚, going through that last night exam grind 📜 , or anything at all...

And you come up with a seemingly  brilliant business idea,

but a million questions haunt you.


Is it outside the box?

Is it really as flawless as I think?

Has this already been done?

Is it revolutionary?

Is it really that different?

How will I take this ahead?

Will people like it?

Does it have potential?

What makes it unique?

Is this scalable?

Welcome to

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Ideahunt is a forum-based online dashboard where students can post their ideas & validate them with others.

The best ideas (the ideas with most engagement) would get venture capital support & free technical resources from gC.

So, how does it work?

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1. Sign Up/Login

You login/create an account & choose a catchy username !!

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2. Start discussion

In the dashboard, you can either :

1. Look at the ideas posted by other people. Ponder, reflect, think & click on the like button for the ideas you feel would really take off ! or

2. Post an idea of your own & wait for the world to judge your magic :)

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3. Daily winners

After one day of "idea-storming", the ideas with most engagement are chosen as the daily winners. This happens every day !

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4. Incentives

 The daily winners get exciting benefits from the gC fam !


The incentives!! 

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You get a call from the gC founders within 24 hours to brainstorm your idea !

You get to scale your idea & dig deeper through weekly Clubhouse discussions with enthusiasts.

You get featured by gC on all social platforms !

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After all the idea-storming, if you want to go ahead & work out your idea, we give you relevant free technical resources to kickstart the process

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You connect with seasoned business mentors through gC & discuss synergies.